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38 Reasons You Need To Go To Cornwall

You wouldn't let a little thing like a rail line being down stop you, would you?

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So Cornwall's had a bit of a problem recently, what with being continually battered by storms and getting cut off from the rest of the country by rail.

Ben Birchall/PA Wire/Press Association Images / Via

Media headlines like "Cornwall destroyed by vengeful sea demons" and "Oh my god there is literally nothing of Cornwall left" may have suggested that Cornwall is best avoided.

Flickr: j_hlmn / Creative Commons

1. But the thing is, Cornwall looks awesome whether the weather's bad...

SWNS / Via

2. ...or whether it's good.

Those pictures are both of the same place, btw - Sennen Cove.
Flickr: rossburton / Creative Commons

Those pictures are both of the same place, btw - Sennen Cove.

3. Seriously. Dodgy weather. Looks great.

Flickr: hz536n / Creative Commons

4. Nice weather: also great.

Flickr: ennor / Creative Commons

5. And if it's just a bit windy... well, that's an opportunity for kite flying.

Flickr: ennor / Creative Commons

6. Bad weather just means more surfing.

Flickr: riou / Creative Commons

7. No, really, any excuse. Your town flooding, whatever.

8. (Good weather also means surfing, obvs.)

Flickr: kfein / Creative Commons

9. Cornwall has the quaintest place names.!3m4!1e1!3m2!1skEg7YUkzlZFC5_q-0D1wrw!2e0!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s6Hhr78ArDoZGQSEKwN9Vaw!2e0

10. It's a quiet, sleepy part of the world where not much happens.


11. Cornwall's got St. Ives, one of the artiest towns in the country.

Robert Pittman Flickr: 50144889@N08 / Creative Commons

12. So arty it's got a Tate gallery. Does where you live have a Tate gallery?*

*Do you live in London or Liverpool, is what we're asking there.
Flickr: pbjork / Creative Commons

*Do you live in London or Liverpool, is what we're asking there.

13. (Newquay, of course, is more party than arty.)

Flickr: richmeakin / Creative Commons

14. Cornwall's got the country's most scenic theatre.

Do wrap up warm, though.
Flickr: cerionmorgauin / Creative Commons

Do wrap up warm, though.

15. Also King Arthur's old gaff.

Flickr: caitfoto / Creative Commons

16. Actually it has a whole ton of castles if you are into castles.

17. Look at this goddamn harbour.

That's Charlestown.
Flickr: gazzat / Creative Commons

That's Charlestown.

18. Look at this goddamn harbour.

Flickr: judepics / Creative Commons

19. Look at this GODDAMN harbour.

Flickr: 50144889@N08 / Creative Commons


Falmouth. Western Europe's deepest natural harbour, innit.
Flickr: jwarnerphotography / Creative Commons

Falmouth. Western Europe's deepest natural harbour, innit.

21. This harbour: flawless.


22. So many beaches.

Flickr: ennor / Creative Commons

23. So many cliffs.

24. Basically Cornwall is just a series of beaches, harbours, castles and cliffs and they're all great.

Flickr: 1gl / Creative Commons

25. Oh, and abandoned tin mines :-(

Flickr: heliosphere / Creative Commons

26. (Just going to leave this here, btw.)

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27. Cornwall's got the world's most impressive greenhouses...

Flickr: ennor / Creative Commons

28. ...with an actual bloody tropical rainforest inside them.

Flickr: schtumple / Creative Commons

29. Not that you need greenhouses. Cornwall's climate means you get loads of gardens that are basically sub-tropical jungles that look like something out of Jurassic Park.

Flickr: 18909153@N08 / Creative Commons
The Lost Gardens of Heligan.
Flickr: ennor / Creative Commons
Trebah Garden.
Flickr: foilman / Creative Commons
Penjerrick Garden.

30. Also sometimes the gardens have weird head things.

Flickr: 76631347@N00 / Creative Commons

31. It's got great restaurants. Not that you need to get fancy to eat well.

32. You haven't had a proper Cornish pasty - the food of the gods - unless you've had one actually in Cornwall.

Flickr: monkeymagic1975 / Creative Commons

33. Same goes for the Cornish Cream Tea, one of the best things you can put in your mouth.

Flickr: andywasley / Creative Commons

34. Also there's Stargazy Pie, which tbh is kind of a bit creepy because your food shouldn't stare at you.

Flickr: scaredykat / Creative Commons

35. The place has a relaxed attitude towards... well, everything.

36. And of course, Cornwall's great for beer.

Flickr: wapster / Creative Commons

Delicious, delicious beer.

Flickr: foilman / Creative Commons

Wonderful, life-giving beer.

Flickr: jonneestuff / Creative Commons

37. And, naturally, lots of this. What more reason do you need?

Go easy now.
Flickr: waltjabsco / Creative Commons

Go easy now.

38. And if all that wasn't enough, never forget the greatest, most important thing about Cornwall: it's not Devon.

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