23 Santas Who Forgot How To Santa

This is not how we Christmas.

1. Are you sleepy, Santa?

2. Santa, is your sleigh not working today?

3. Chimney, Santa. CHIMNEY.

4. Why is that man giving you an angry hug, Santa?

5. Santa, you missed the Christmas tree.

6. Santa, stop trying to dance — you are a large jolly man, not a dancer.

7. Has Rudolf been bad, Santa?

8. That is not how you reindeer, Santa.

9. And that is not how you sleigh.

10. How did this even happen, Santa?

11. Where are those men taking you, Santa?

12. Santa, you look…strange.

13. Stop trying to abseil with your beard, Santa.

14. The naughty children deserve a second chance, Santa.

16. Stop it, Santa.

18. Are you sure you’re Santa, Santa?

19. Santa, are you OK?

20. Santa, do you need help from that other Santa to be sick in a Santa hat?

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Tom Phillips is the UK editorial director for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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