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13 Amazing Viral Nature Pictures That Are Actually Fake

Think before you retweet.

1. "Lenticular clouds over Mount Fuji, Japan."

Sorry — it's photoshopped.

2. "Rainbow meets Tornado"

Also photoshopped, sad to say.

3. "Solar Eclipse and Milky Way seen from ISS"

That's actually a computer-generated artwork made by deviantART member A4size-ska.

View this video on YouTube

But the above video, via Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy, shows what an eclipse actually looks like from the ISS. Spoiler: still awesome.

4. "Spectacular View of The Stars in Alaska"

This one seems to originate from an art forum, under the category "Fantasy/Landscape."

5. "Difference between day and night!"

No single spacecraft or astronaut took this picture. It is a digital composite of archived images taken by several Earth-orbiting satellites and ocean-faring ships... This image is different from what an astronaut would see for reasons including a complete lack of clouds and an unrealistic exaggeration of lights and contrasts. The image has become both an internet wave in that it continues to circulate as an attachment to digital correspondence, and a modern urban legend.

6. "They shot a 7m (+- 23ft), 1200kg crocodile..."

The picture's probably real — but the description's wrong.

7. "Sunrise at the North Pole"

8. "Smeared skies, Lake Ontario, Canada"

Brilliant image — but it's not one picture. It's hundreds of pictures layered over one other.

9. "Europe at Night"

Those aren't lights, and that's not a photo. It's a computer-generated visualization of social media activity. Look, here's North America:

10. "Frozen Tidal Wave In Antarctica"

Nah. Actually ice deposits smoothed out by many years of melting and refreezing.

11. "Mystic Forest in The Netherlands"

No. Look. It's just a normal patch of land that's had the "Hue" setting in Photoshop changed. See, you can change it back really easily:

12. "This is an Inari Fox"


13. "Baby Dragon"