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    22 Things Literally No One Ever Tells You About Newcastle

    Fancy zip-sliding across the Tyne, or visiting a dog café? Come to Newcastle.

    1. There's a cat café called Mog on the Tyne.

    2. And a dog café called Dog and Scone.

    3. There's a fully vegan pub in Ouseburn.

    4. And the best non-vegan tacos in town are in Byker.

    5. You can join a mysterious pie society.

    6. Or explore a hidden orchard in the heart of the city.

    7. You can have a gourmet lunch in a shipping container.

    8. There's a hidden speakeasy in the city centre.

    9. The best view in Newcastle is from the Sky Lounge.

    10. And the second-best view is from the football stadium.

    11. You can check out taxidermy of variable quality at the Great North Museum stores.

    12. Or take up taxidermy yourself.

    13. You can get unbelievable pizza from a big gold van.

    14. There's a bar that's also a working ceramics studio.

    15. You can help build a cinema in an old warehouse.

    16. Or take up one of Henry VIII’s favourite sports.

    17. You can (and should) get bubble waffles at Breadpoint.

    18. George Stephenson’s old steam engine workshop is now a part-time roller disco.

    19. You’ve probably been walking straight past one of the best bits of architecture in the city.

    20. You can taste the teas of the world at Tea Sutra.

    21. There's a special train that takes you to curry paradise.

    22. And you can ride a zip slide across the river Tyne.