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These Two Book Publishers Got Into The Cutest Little Twitter Spat

"We hate books."

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Chapter 1: Once upon a time — Friday — Melville House, the independent book publisher in Brooklyn, posted this clever tweet riffing off Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan.

Chapter 2: Penguin Random House, the giant book publisher with a worldwide reach, decided some shade-throwing was the appropriate response.

Chapter 3: Threats involving snail mail are exchanged. (What would you expect from two book publishers?)

Chapter 4: Melville goes nuclear.

Chapter 5: More of the same. You can speed-read through this chapter.

Chapter 6: Thirst allegations are exchanged. Emojis are deployed.

Chapter 7: Melville asks where it can donate to Penguin's Patreon, a crowdfunding platform that allows people to support artists.

@penguinrandom where can i donate to your patreon

Penguin's response:

Right here: @melvillehouse

Leads to:

Chapter 8: Both houses regain their chill and respond to other people.

Epilogue: Book nerds wrap this tale up by admitting they loved every minute of it.

Get a room. Or a library. ;) @melvillehouse @bendreyfuss @penguinrandom

@melvillehouse @penguinrandom Shouldn't you both be, like, gluing pages to spines and shit? Did the glue get stuck in customs? #PunIntended

Someone needs to give the people tweeting for @penguinrandom and @melvillehouse a raise for this thread.

@penguinrandom @melvillehouse @Quinnae_Moon this is like watching my library fight itself or like watching The Pagemaster

Being an absolute book nerd and crying laughing at the tweets between @penguinrandom and @melvillehouse

@melvillehouse @penguinrandom You guys are cracking me up with this exchange :-)

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