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49 Times In 2013 Jennifer Lawrence Proved She Was Master Of The Universe

The story goes that in 2014 she will rule over all.

1. When she fell on her way to accepting an Oscar...

2. And ended up creating the most perfect fall of all falls.

3. When she became a pioneer for gastrointestinal problems and we felt a little less alone in this great big world.

4. When she reminded us that sometimes you just have to photobomb Sarah Jessica Parker in a mohawk.

5. When she was the one brave soul that was able to make Kristen Stewart smile.

6. When she somehow managed to make us fall in love with Kate Gosselin's haircut:

7. When she flipped off everyone while holding an Oscar and we still bowed down:

8. When her dress malfunctioned...

9. ...but she reminded us that it's not what's on the outside that matters.

10. ...landed the coveted September issue of Vogue...

11. ...wore these pants...

12. ...and this dress....

13. ...AND even made Google Glass look cool.

14. When she took one for the team:

15. When her fingers proved to be more talented than most other actresses in Hollywood.

16. When this happened:

17. And this:

18. And when she became a leader of the pee world:

19. When she proved that no one can make a red carpet entrance like she can...

20. Seriously.

21. But really.


23. When she tried to take down Billy Bush and Ryan Seacrest to bring peace to this world.

24. When she fangirled like the rest of us:

25. Even though she had just beat Meryl fucking Streep.

26. When she spread the good word about fries:

27. And gave this well-thought-out response to the world's worst question:

28. When she downed this champagne like a champ and everyone behind her was in awe:

29. When she took a stance as a pizza crusader:

30. And took the role VERY seriously:

31. When she smoked this ahem...cigarette...

32. And sat on a balcony drinking wine and we felt inspired to be just like her:

33. When she was the consummate professional during interviews...

34. ...and in front of the press:

35. She always knew just what to say.

36. And how to act.

37. When she read Mockingjay and it was so meta because SHE IS Katniss.

38. And also casually drank Veuve Clicquot straight out the bottle and we saw ourselves in her.

39. When she hosted Saturday Night Live and put her fellow nominees in their rightful place:

40. When she made us realize you really should dance like nobody is watching:

41. When she cuddled up on Letterman because she wanted a blanket, so she got a blanket.

42. And when she managed to make you forget that the former leader of the free world was standing right beside her:

43. When she went out of her way to hug a fan on the red carpet and it was a really long hug.

44. When she actually made you almost break your neck because you were nodding your head in agreement so hard with this statement:

45. And then this one:

46. And this one:

47. And then this one just made you shout hallelujah and she became your prophet:

48. When she made it OK to talk about butt plugs:

49. And finally, when she reminded us that you are NOTHIN' without your family.