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The Hollywood Magic Behind "The Wizard Of Oz"

The technicolor fantasy is the must-see picture of the season, but how did they bring the story to life on silver screen?

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The film had five different directors: Richard Thorpe who was fired, George Cukor who was brought in as a temporary replacement, Victor Fleming who departed to direct "Gone with the Wind," and King Vidor who finished the production.


Actor Buddy Ebsen was the film's original Tin Man before an allergic reaction to the aluminum dust contained in the make-up forced him to withdraw from filming. Jack Haley took over the role and the make-up was changed.


Watch closely and you'll see Frank Morgan playing not only the Wizard, but Professor Marvel, the gatekeeper of the Emerald City, the driver of the carriage drawn by "The Horse of a Different Color", an armed guard, and the apparition of the Wizard.