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Here's Why Jamie Dornan Is The New Christian Grey

The insanely hot Irish actor has reportedly landed the role and he'll make you forget that Charlie Hunnam ever existed.

Let's start with this:

Banana Republic

Just Jamie:

Banana Republic / Via

But wait... there's this:

Diesel / Via

And this:

Calvin Klein / Via

More importantly, this:

Calvin Klein / Via

Yeah, seriously.

How is this even possible?

Calvin Klein / Via

Now, he's just adorable. Even with clothes on.

Calvin Klein / Via

See, super adorable and holding roses.

Throwing a dart:

Sergei Bachlakov / ABC via Getty Images

Lying on the ground wearing leather pants and a red sweater:

Hugo Boss / Via

In a suit:

Calvin Klein

Gently hugging himself:

He's perfect just being Jamie:

Super sexy, suave, Jamie:

Stop it! Don't give us that smile:

How is this a real person?

Tim Whitby / Getty Images

Even when surrounded by a group of shirtless underwear models he still wins:

Tim Whitby / Getty Images

Look he's angry, yet still sexy:

Tim Whitby / Getty Images

What? No! Stop:

Calvin Klein / Via

Too much hotness:

Calvin Klein / Via

Can't compute:

Hugo Boss / Via


No, no... Don't cry. I didn't mean it:


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