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    Is Kristen Stewart Having A Rendezvous With Rupert Sanders (Again) In These Photos?

    The man in these pictures looks a lot like the Snow White and the Huntsman director.

    We all remember last year when K-Stew got really close with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

    FameFlynet Pictures

    Then this happened...

    FameFlynet Pictures

    R-Pattz was sad and the future of Robsten was unknown.

    FameFlynet Pictures

    It looked like the couple worked through their issues and were even spotted holding hands last week at Coachella.

    FameFlynet Pictures

    But something happened Sunday night. Kristen was seen getting into a car with a mystery man that looked like Rupert.

    He even has the same type of car.


    Could it be? Could K-Stew really cheat on Rob again? With the same guy?

    You be the judge.

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