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Tommymua The 15 Year Old Makeup Artists Who's Killing The Game !

I am a new creator who has been struggling a lot to get my name out there, so i decided to make this community post. I'm a new creator , and soon to be you tuber, i'm hoping this article gets my name out there a little more!!

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Pink skull

Instagram: @tommymua

This look was actually one of the easiest to do!

Glass galaxy!

Instagram: @tommymua

I used broken plastic for the glass

Butterfly Realness

Instagram: @tommymua

I used 3D wall stickers from amazon for the butterflies!!

Cotton candy

Instagram: @tommymua

I used the stuffing from a teddy bear for the cotton candy!

Flower child

Instagram: @tommymua

I used real flowers in the hair but fake leaves!!

70s zombie

Instagram: @tommymua

The glitter was from jazzy glitter a really cool etsy shop

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