10 Houses With Moustaches

Attempting to grow facial hair for Movember? You’ve got some unexpected competition from these houses…

1. A timeless classic


2. An uncontrollable growth

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Mr McGregor’s Daughter in Chicago has been bothered by hairy growth since she bought her new home…

3. A true gentlemen’s tache


Suave stuff in London’s Berkeley Square.

4. The retard chimp

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“U don’t build houses that look like funny faces unless u are retard chimp.”
- Ugly Belgian Houses

5. Face paint

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Something tells me this one might be fake…

6. If Tom Selleck was a house…


7. A royal moustache


Facial hair fit for a Queen.

8. Cheating.


For every house that grows a moustache, there are thousands of sad homes that can’t…

9. Thatcher’s tache


Thatch never goes out of fashion.

10. The teenager tache


The real estate equivalent of a 14 year old boy.

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