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New Parents, Let's Talk About Just How Challenging But Amazing Feeding Time Is

From bottle to breast, it's time we celebrated the journey!

Having a baby means stepping into a whole new world, and no matter how much you prepare, there are some parts of parenting that you can only truly understand once you've brought your little one home.

So parents, it's time we talked about just how challenging but amazing feeding time can be!

Whether it's breast, bottle, or pump, nothing can prepare you for just how often your newborn feeds...

...Which of course means hundreds of sleepless nights.

But no book or parenting class can accurately portray the indescribable bond that comes from feeding time.

Breast pumps, sterilisers, nursing pads — all the different equipment can feel overwhelming at first.

But once you figure out what works best for you, it won't take long for it to become second nature.

No matter which way you choose to feed, you can't seem to escape at least one or two unwarranted opinions about your choices.

And that can mean you sometimes end up second-guessing your choices or comparing yourself to other new parents.

But remember, the way you feed is as unique as you are!

And as your little one grows, it becomes clearer and clearer that you know exactly what's best for your baby.

From leaking to spit-up, it can be messy.

And you'll feel like hands are always full...

...but after all the spilt milk and sleepless nights, those happy little faces let you know that it's all worth it!

It's time we celebrate all the hard work that goes into feeding your baby, however you do so! Check out our Made For Me video below, and learn more about the campaign at Tommee Tippee.