32 Things At Every New York City Street Fair

It’s that time of year again. New York City shuts down streets to showcase the same thing on every block. It’s New York City’s version of the strip mall, only it moves. Once you’ve been to one, you’ve seen them all. See the complete list of NYC street fairs here.

1. Street Closures

The summer is already a tough time to drive through the city, now throw in 7 blocks closed down in one direction of a major avenue. Honking ensues.

3. Gyros

The standard.

4. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

The drink of choice when walking down the middle of the street.

5. Mozzarepas

Corn bread + mozzarella + grilling = Mozzarepas! If this isn’t at your street fair, it’s not a NYC street fair.

6. Aggressive Body Massage Tent

Try walking past without getting whisked away by these hawking massage gurus for a glorious 10 minute massage on Broadway and 67th.

7. Designer Eyewear

As this states, I am not sure why there isn’t a riot happening. It’s a blowout sale. Oh wait, the same stand is a block away.

8. Interesting Things

Duane Reade? Not so much. This is where you get your tweezers and scissors.

9. Rugs

Don’t forget! All Inventory Must Go! I can only imagine how many times these rugs have been dragged through the city.

10. Corn On The Cob

No one will judge as you gnaw this on your travels through the street.

11. Luxury Sheets

The deals are just too good to be true via the written information on back of paper with black marker. Of course it’s 1000 Egyptian thread count.

12. Crepes

Get your street crepes and of course lemonade.

13. Cell Phone Accessories

This is slightly more legit than the bodega, complete with misspellings.

14. Fresh Fruit Smoothies

These folks are cutting up watermelons all day for you. All organic, right?

15. Chicken and Fries

Catch all location for anything fried and get your lemonade there too.

16. Dresses

Gotta let em browse.

17. Henna Tattoos

Because this fad never went away.

18. The Spice Guy

The airborne pollutants are totally fine, these spices aren’t affected.

19. Jewelry

Again, gotta let em browse.

20. Yankees “Officially Licensed” Gear

“No body was bettah than Mantle, NO body.”

You might find other teams like the Giants or Knicks based on popularity or how many off-season moves were done to have an influx of jerseys. For example: Tim Tebow.

21. The Picket Fence

Is this Vermont or the Lower East Side?

22. Fried Dough

No one can resist fried dough. No one.

23. Name Brand Cosmetics

This location should have extra security. Sephora be warned.

24. NYPD

Because they are everywhere.

25. Socks

I’m convinced this table is just contents of stolen luggage from JFK.

26. Calamari And Sausage

Because I love hearing a native New Yorker say calamari and sausage. Just stand near this one, take it all in.

27. Music

I was hoping for Unlocking The Truth.

28. Art

You have space in your apartment, right?

29. Bags

Every type of bag, in every color.

30. Hats

New York City’s version of the Kentucky Derby.

31. Belts

Every color, every shape, every size. Just like NYC.

32. One Last Lemonade Stand

One last shot at lemonade before you make your way to the next one of a kind experience, only in New York City.

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