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    29 Secrets No One Ever Tells You About Birmingham

    Want to drink gin out of a bathtub or eat pizza out of a vintage Mini? Come to Brum.

    1. You can have an authentic Hawaiian experience in, er, Moseley...

    The Prince of Wales, Moseley / Via

    Every Thursday to Sunday night you can drink piña coladas out of pineapples at The Prince of Wales pub's Mo-Tiki bar. Hula skirt optional.

    2. ...drink gin from a ceramic bathtub...

    3. ...or visit a cocktail bar cunningly disguised as a laundrette.

    4. You might find yourself in a sci-fi movie.

    5. One of the best views of Birmingham is from the top of a multi-storey car park.

    6. But South Brum types prefer the Lickey Hills.

    Flickr: ell-r-brown / Creative Commons

    Lickey Hills is beautiful, picturesque and sounds a bit rude (as does nearby Twatling Road).

    7. Donald Trump's TV nemesis is actually an Erdington lad.

    8. There's no shortage of picturesque gardens.

    9. In fact, we have a ridiculous number of parks.

    10. You can look round a Coffin Furniture Factory.

    11. Or visit the Oasis Market, where Boy George used to have a stall.

    On our 'Kiss Across The Ocean' tour in 1984.

    Twitter: @RealCultureClub

    Although according to former co-workers his attendance was patchy: "He'd come and go," they say. "He'd come and go-oh-oh-oh." (Sorry)

    12. There's an awesome street art tour in Digbeth.

    13. You can travel back in time without the aid of a TARDIS or DeLorean.

    14. You can visit a Victorian-style camera obscura.

    We're all setup and ready in the beautiful gardens @winterbournehg with some slightly surreal weather.

    Birmingham Camera Obscura / Via Twitter: @BhamObscura

    Birmingham has it's very own travelling camera obscura where you can see real-time images projected onto a screen while you're inside the camera. You can't do that with an iPhone. For more details visit Birmingham Camera Obscura.

    15. Or perhaps you'd rather learn how to pick a lock?

    Lockpicking & security night

    FizzPOP / Via Twitter: @fzzpop

    FizzPOP is a "hackerspace" where would-be Tony Starks can learn to make cool stuff in a supportive environment. And pick locks.

    16. You can learn how to make amazing food in Stirchley.

    17. Our landmarks have turned up in Gotham City...

    DC Comics/John McCrea / Via

    Yes, that really is the Rotunda behind Catwoman, in a scene from the classic Gotham City-based comic Hitman. It was drawn by the Birmingham-based artist John McCrea.

    18. ...and in an early Alan Moore comic.

    Alan Moore/Jim Baikie/2000ad / Via

    "Skizz" appeared in 1983 in the pages of 2000AD. Critics dismissed it as "E.T. set in Birmingham", which, of course, makes it utterly "bostin", "scrotnig", and "zarjaz".

    19. There are secret tunnels hidden beneath the streets.

    Birmingham's #hiddenspaces: Anchor Exchange BT tunnels shrouded in secrecy

    Birmingham Post / Via Twitter: @birminghampost

    Built in the 1950s and now largely derelict, the Anchor Exchange would have served as a nuclear bunker in the event of a third world war. Oddly, there are currently no plans to turn this top secret site into yet another hipster restaurant.

    20. And a big one between The Mailbox and New Street Station.

    21. You can grab a pint at Laurel and Hardy's local.

    22. Or get drunk in a prison.

    23. You can circumnavigate the whole city by bus.

    Twitter: @OuterCircleBus

    At 27 miles, Birmingham's number 11 is the longest urban bus route in Europe. It goes all the way around the city, so you can use it to take your own, personal (and great value) guided tour.

    24. You can down cocktails at the UK's oldest working cinema.

    25. Or visit "Old Joe" at Birmingham University, the tallest free-standing clock tower in the world.

    26. We have a kick-ass Pen Museum, which is way better than the Lakeland Pencil Museum in Keswick.

    27. And while you're in the area, you can rock on down to St Paul's Gallery.

    28. Or take a tour of the BBC Birmingham studios.

    29. And finally, you can eat pizza served from an old Mini that's been turned into an oven.

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