21 Of The Most WTF Things That Have Ever Happened In Birmingham

“Oh good, my meal’s balanced on a rusty shovel!” – No one, ever.

1. When the Messiah showed his face in a most unsavoury place.

“Piss be with you, my child.”

2. And when the Mail managed to find a local angle.

3. When a man in military dress wandered around pushing a toy monkey in a pram.

Although you won’t bump into him these days; Kings Heath’s beloved Monkey Man has since found true love in the Welsh seaside town of Llandudno.

4. When the phrase “dig into your meal” was taken a bit too literally by a hipster pub.

You’ve heard of plates, right?

5. When someone improved this street sign with a bottle of Tipp-Ex.

6. And when someone else went one step further.

Stay classy, Digbeth.

7. When a passing Google Street View car uncovered a secret world of dancing binmen.


Bin there, done that.

8. When Broad Street still managed to surprise us all.

Bananaman vs. Streakerman: Dawn of Ruckus, coming to Brum cinemas soon.

9. And when Spider-Man was spotted handing out food to homeless people in the city centre.

A man dressed as Spider-Man is walking around #Birmingham handing out food to the homeless - http://t.co/7CQSXN52hN

— I Am Birmingham (@IAmBirmingham)

A real superhero. Even J. Jonah Jameson would approve.

10. When a local convenience store did a Brangelina.

Seems legit.

11. When the morning commute turned into Toys “R” Bus.


12. When Scooby, Shaggy, and the gang made a quick getaway from West Brom.

13. And when a horny ghost caused a commotion at the Queen’s Arms.

Maybe that’s where the Scooby Gang were heading?

14. When this guy decided to carry around a giant Happy Meal.

“I’ll have a Significantly Happier Meal to go, please.”

15. When Broad Street did it again.

Birmingham Mail

Moral of the story? Never mix tequila with inflatable ducks.

16. When this city centre shortcut had an existential crisis.

17. When this snack bar sold 99p “donor” meat.

Who is donating this meat, and why?

18. When the angry wife of a flirty Brum DJ sold his £25,000 Lotus Esprit on eBay.


Buy it Now price: 50p.

19. When someone opened a theme bar inspired by a mediocre 16-year-old film.

#ICYMI! New Coyote Ugly bar to open in #Digbeth #Birmingham 🍔🍸🍟🍻 MORE > https://t.co/PsAkxvcNTu

— Birmingham What's On (@WhatsOnBrum)

Coming Soon: The Battlefield Earth Burger Bar. Possibly.

20. When Brum’s deeply terrifying statue of King Kong ended up in a Wolverhampton art gallery.

Bring it home. It's our Elgin Marbles.

— Paradise Circus (@paradisecircus)

Does anyone else remember when it used to stand next to the Bull Ring?

21. And, last but by no means least, when a Brummie royalist’s tattoo tribute backfired badly.

Sunday Sport

“To be honest, I should have twigged when he was humming ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ and ‘We Will Rock You’ all the way through the procedure.” Amazing.

Never change, Birmingham. Never change.

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