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7 Food/Beverages That You Will Have As A College Student

The honest opinion of the foods/beverages that you will try in college, whether you want to accept it or not.

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2. Frozen Pizza


It is the easiest way to get full. It can be made for the pre going out meal, or the coming home from a late night meal. Also it is a great way to bring girls back home with you by simply offering them pizza.

3. 30 Rack of Beer


We all dread it every time we take the first sip from the can, yet we continue to make this purchase. You always ask yourself, “Why did I buy this?” Don’t worry, the beer gets better as the night goes on. Plus every college kid is on the college budget, it’s the best bang for your buck!

4. Dorm Food


Whether you are a transfer student or an incoming freshman, you will visit one of the campus dining areas at least once in your collegiate career. It might be the best food you have had in weeks, but just wait, you won’t be thinking that in a few hours.

5. Drunk Greasy Food


You will come back from a night of drinking with your friends. You want anything, and at that time of the night, the only places open are the greasy places. Trying to help that morning hangover in anyway that you can.

6. Pasta


You’re finally out of the dorms, and living on your own or with roommates. No more dorm food for you. But wait, what do you know how to make? Pasta or Mac and Cheese is one of the easiest things to make.

7. Burnett's Vodka


To some, you hoped to never see this bottle again. But don’t deny the fact that it’s cheap alcohol and it gets you drunk. Don’t let the fruit in the picture fool you. This is not nice vodka, there is a reason they use "burn" in there name.

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