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    • tomjobrooklyn

      This is clearly not the right move on Correa’s part. Entirely the wrong thing, actually. He should have just outed the guy as a wacko Bill O’Reilly-type. But the stakes are waaay higher in Ecuador. Do you know anything about Ecuador? About Latin American history? Ecuador (like most Latin American countries who haven’t resisted) has a long history of being run by US-supported right wing fascists who have no problem torturing and killing dissidents. Now that the left is finally on the rise, they are extremely concerned that their country will slip back into its former US-supported ways (keeping the poor extremely poor and ensuring that the 1% will prosper and will never have to worry about anything). This is the context that you, and for that matter, very few US media outlets provide. It’s not pretty, and it’s not perfect, but that’s kinda the way it is. And it makes a bit more sense, even if it doesn’t vindicated anyone. Oh, and we (i.e., the US) did precisely the same thing, but faaar worse when we were a fledgling democracy, trying to make its way in the world after a period of being the backyard of a major empire.

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