15 Hilarious Memes That Only Australians Understand

    Are you a true 'strayan?

    1. You would do this if you had the chance:

    2. When this is what you call a fly:

    3. When this is totally you:

    4. When you use the correct words:

    5. When you know the exact voice of this guy:

    6. When even big companies are full of true blue Aussies:

    7. When you understand this meme:

    8. When this is one of your biggest struggles in life:

    9. When Americans don't appreciate true food:

    10. When you recognize this woman:

    11. When you just can't resist:

    12. When you can prove that you're Australian:

    13. When you appreciate true food:

    14. When OAK is all you need in life:

    15. And when this is a pain worse than death:

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