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    Jan 24, 2017

    14 Obama-Inspired Accessories That'll Get You Through The Next Four Years

    Fired up. Ready to go.

    1. Wear your heart on your hat.

    MakkeDesign / Via

    Might as well be up-front about your feels with this classy dad cap fit for the classiest dad of all, President Obama. Get it here.

    2. Here's a much-needed daily dose of inspiration.

    HommeSurLaLune / Via

    We're truly #blessed to have this quote from the flawless former (*shudders*) FLOTUS. You can have it in your own home here.

    3. Barry + Joe = BFF GOALS

    SalcidoStitchShop / Via

    No, YOU'RE crying. Get the framed cross-stitch here.

    4. *covers notebook with stickers*

    HUMAN / Via

    Get them here.

    5. The best part of wakin' up is Obama on your cup.

    HUMAN / Via

    Show your BFF you care. Grab the mug here.

    6. *ahem* A cup of JOE, if you will.

    HUMAN / Via

    Complete the set here.

    7. You can fit one more sweatshirt in your closet.

    HUMAN / Via

    It's a pullover with Michelle riding a unicorn. What are you WAITING for? Get it here.

    8. Your denim jacket needs this lil' beb Barack pin.

    thefoundretail / Via

    Get the retro reminder here.

    9. OK, and you need a Michelle one while you're at it.

    thefoundretail / Via

    Find it here.

    10. "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

    OAKSQUO / Via

    #tbt to this timeless quote from Obama's speech to supporters after the February 5, 2008, nominating contests. The typewriter print (perfect for your desk) is here.

    11. I mean...

    TheEternalFlame / Via

    You don't *not* need this Michelle Obama prayer candle. Here.

    12. Hang with Obama.

    MySuperHappyShop / Via

    Treat yourself and your bag to the keychain here.


    HUMAN / Via

    Double-cuff your mom jeans and show 'em off. Here.

    14. And just to leave you with a little hope...

    HUMAN / Via

    *crosses fingers*

    *crosses toes*

    *buys T-shirt here*