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31 Reasons Why Sydney Is Better Than Melbourne

And with this, I have settled the debate.

Tom Scott • 4 months ago

19 Things That Could Only Happen In An Italian Family

Starbucks = no. Percolators = YES.

Tom Scott • 4 months ago
Tom Scott • 5 months ago
Tom Scott • 6 months ago
Tom Scott • 7 months ago

Are You More Like JoJo Or JoJo Siwa?

Which JoJo suits your mojo?

Tom Scott • 7 months ago

Which Knifed Australian Prime Minister Are You?

We've had four knifed prime ministers since 2010.

Tom Scott • 9 months ago

If You Heat Up Cold Brew, Then It Isn't Actually True?

A classic debate in cold brew circles.

Tom Scott • 11 months ago