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    5 Types Of Aussie Tourists You'll 100% Come Across When Travelling

    Please, don't be the "party animal".

    Aussies and Kiwis think they are the world's best travellers, but what kind of travellers are we really?

    1. The Organiser

    This person has every single detail of the trip planned out, down to bathroom breaks and meals to try (that have been thoroughly researched). They make sure the trip happens, you just have to make sure they enjoy the trip too!

    Seinfeld / NBC

    2. The Party Animal

    They live on the party strip, so don't expect to see them hiking the trails of Camino de Santiago to find enlightenment. They party all night and sleep all day.

    Game of Thrones / HBO

    3. The Instagram Traveller

    They plan their trip based on trending locations on the Instagram Explore page. Selfies are the absolute priority. Photo or it didn't happen, right?

    Portlandia / IFC Original Productions

    4. The Considerate Traveller

    The socially conscious one of the group. They think about how to make a positive impact when travelling. Plastic bottles are a no-no. Also, they love getting tips from the locals.

    Odd Creative / Via

    5. The High Roller

    You can easily spot these people from their huge sunglasses and tonnes of shopping bags. Their big cameras are permanently left on Auto mode. Forget hostels: it's 5-star hotels for this lot.

    Parks and Recreation / Universal Television

    Watch Jan Fran break this down in the video below!

    Facebook: video.php

    For more of Jan Fran, check out her her latest project, Helpful or Harmful.

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