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    29 Pieces Of Birmingham's Best Street Art

    It's a city of colours.

    1. graffiti4hire

    Beneath the arches of Digbeth's Custard Factory is this giant orange octopus wielding (as they do) a hammer and saw. It featured in this ITV ident. Further into the neighbouring car park are four little fellows with telescopes, the lenses of which are satellite dishes. Follow the artists here.

    2. French

    3. Jimmy C

    4. Gent 48 and Newso

    5. Justsoap

    6. Mr Mind Control and Deeds

    7. Leon Frisby

    8. Captain Kris

    9. Lisk Bot

    If it's in the West MIdlands and it features robots, chances are it's the work of Lisk Bot. Good start off points to find some are Bradford Street (World Domination, left) and Lower Trinity Street car park (Why Do I Do It, right). This image above decorates a Digbeth-based forklift truck dealership on Heath Mill Lane. More about Lisk Bot this-a-way.

    10. Philth

    11. Snub23

    12. Digo Cardoso

    13. Mr Cenz

    The first shot here shows you how the individual wall panels of the Rainbow Arena are dedicated to different artists. London-based graffiti artist Mr Cenz painted this as part of City of Colours. Mr Cenz had his first commissioned mural aged 11 when, presumably, he was known as Master Cenz. His website.

    14. Artista

    15. Jay Sharples

    A real change of pace can be found at the far left of the arena (left of entrance) and Manchester-based Jay Sharples' work. You can follow Jay on Instagram right here.

    16. Andy Council

    17. Title and Jim Vision

    18. Alex Senna

    19. Dan Kitchener

    20. Skank and Lews (Lews)

    21. Gent 48

    22. Mssd Cnnctn

    Known as Mssd Cnnctns (Missed Connections) this artist places stickers around Brum with thought-provoking sentences inspired by a mix of books, films, music, and life experiences. The very first sticker was a nod to Super Mario and can be seen here. These two can be found on Bradford Street but over 2000 stickers have found homes on lamp posts and walls from Brum, where it began, all the way to Prague.

    23. Ziner and Gent 48

    24. Anna Garforth

    25. Goldenboy

    Down the hill from the Geo Fox, but still on Lower Essex Street, is this mural by Golden Boy. The glasses on each representation of the lad are different. A bitter row (oh, okay, a friendly one) rages in Brum over which is best. Whatever the answer, this kid's got more sunglasses than Elton John. Here's Golden Boy's Flickr and Instagram.

    26. Assorted artists

    27. Joe Miles, Graffiti4hire

    One of the office blocks in the Zellig building has its own neck tie. No neck. No head. No human qualities at all, in fact, but it has a tie. It's the smile-making work of graffiti4hire.

    28. Si2

    29. As One

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