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    22 Medieval Satans Who Are Just Having A Really Bad Day

    "Just really fed up with all of this." – These devils

    1. This Satan has just had it.

    2. This Satan is not coping with things at all.

    3. This Satan is increasingly of the opinion that the glowing red-hot chain was a bad choice of floss.

    4. This Satan is still smashing naked sinners together like conkers, but his heart isn't in it.

    5. This Satan has just had ENOUGH of naked sinners escaping through his vagina-face as fast as he can stuff them into his regular face.

    6. This Satan is DONE with all the weirdly proportioned adult-children in his mouth.

    7. Same. Same.

    8. Cat-fish-head Satan is just so tired.

    9. This Satan just feels like it's all getting a bit old, you know? The whole eater-of-souls business. He wonders whether it's time to pack it in and go into the law, like his dad wanted.

    10. Sometimes it feels like a struggle just ordering the daemons to prod the souls of the damned with their big forks. Like, what's it all about?

    11. All the souls just taste of arse anyway.

    12. This Satan is just going to sit down and keep warm by the roasting souls and let some other sucker do the work.

    13. This Satan is trying to cheer himself up, but even the novelty hat isn't working.

    14. This Satan is worried he's let himself go a bit and thinks maybe he needs to cut down on the souls.

    15. This Satan doesn't remember eating a Puritan last night.

    16. This Satan is trying to smile through it, but he secretly wishes he had a lower jaw like regular people instead of an upside-down extra face.

    17. This Satan is sick of his mates getting all the girls.

    18. This Satan has just remembered he's left the gas on.

    19. Snake-Satan is so sick of it all, he's literally vomiting up a perfectly good dinner of damned souls.

    20. The whole thing is enough to drive a decent, hard-working Satan crazy.

    21. This Satan ~double-dares you~ to say something about his ears.

    22. This Satan is all, "I don't need this shit. Come on, Susan, we're off."