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    22 Medieval Satans Who Are Just Having A Really Bad Day

    "Just really fed up with all of this." – These devils

    1. This Satan has just had it.

    Giovanni da Modena / Via

    2. This Satan is not coping with things at all.

    Michael Pacher / Via

    3. This Satan is increasingly of the opinion that the glowing red-hot chain was a bad choice of floss.

    Dreux Brudé, the Master of the Parliament of Paris / Via

    4. This Satan is still smashing naked sinners together like conkers, but his heart isn't in it.

    Taddeo di Bartoli / Via

    5. This Satan has just had ENOUGH of naked sinners escaping through his vagina-face as fast as he can stuff them into his regular face.

    14th century Bolognese painting of the Devil in the Last Judgment / Via

    6. This Satan is DONE with all the weirdly proportioned adult-children in his mouth.

    From The Hours of Catharine of Cleves / Via

    7. Same. Same.

    From The Hours of Catharine of Cleves / Via

    8. Cat-fish-head Satan is just so tired.

    The Hours of Catharine of Cleves / Via

    9. This Satan just feels like it's all getting a bit old, you know? The whole eater-of-souls business. He wonders whether it's time to pack it in and go into the law, like his dad wanted.

    Illustration from St Augustine's De Civitate Dei / Via

    10. Sometimes it feels like a struggle just ordering the daemons to prod the souls of the damned with their big forks. Like, what's it all about?

    Fra Angelico / Via

    11. All the souls just taste of arse anyway.

    Fra Angelico / Via

    12. This Satan is just going to sit down and keep warm by the roasting souls and let some other sucker do the work.

    Hieronymous Bosch / Via

    13. This Satan is trying to cheer himself up, but even the novelty hat isn't working.

    From a manuscript recovered from the Abbey of Saint Tabitha / Via

    14. This Satan is worried he's let himself go a bit and thinks maybe he needs to cut down on the souls.

    From the Scrovegni Chapel, Padua / Via

    15. This Satan doesn't remember eating a Puritan last night.

    16. This Satan is trying to smile through it, but he secretly wishes he had a lower jaw like regular people instead of an upside-down extra face.

    From a mid-15th century copy of the Book of Revelation / Via

    17. This Satan is sick of his mates getting all the girls.

    Death and the Devil Surprising Two Women: engraving from 1500 / Via

    18. This Satan has just remembered he's left the gas on.

    Cornelis Galle I, “Lucifer”, 1595 / Via

    19. Snake-Satan is so sick of it all, he's literally vomiting up a perfectly good dinner of damned souls.

    Detail of a mosaic in Gelati monastery / Via

    20. The whole thing is enough to drive a decent, hard-working Satan crazy.

    21. This Satan ~double-dares you~ to say something about his ears.

    Louis Boulanger (France, 1806–1867), The Round of the Sabbath / Via

    22. This Satan is all, "I don't need this shit. Come on, Susan, we're off."

    "Nuremberg chronicles - Devil and Woman on Horseback (CLXXXIXv)". Licensed under Public Domain via Commons / Via