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What's The Most Shocking Way You've Injured Yourself?

Pics please.

The other day, we ran a piece about some fairly startling ways that people managed to end up in hospital in 2015.

Some of them were pretty unexpected. Don't click if you're eating, by the way.

Like the woman who blew her nose so hard she broke the orbital bone around her eye.

BMJ Case Reports / Via

Or the kid who got a two-inch pin stuck through his kidney.

BMJ Case Reports / Via

He was fine.

A few of you added your own.

Daniela Aravena / Facebook / Via Facebook: BuzzFeed

Like this guy who swallowed a metal turtle, for some reason.

Anyway, we thought: Why not ask for a few more? For educational purposes.

So if you've got a picture of some shocking injury (hopefully one which got better eventually), share it in the comments below. Thanks!

The most disturbing submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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