21 Maps That Will Change How You Think About Britain

    From 5,500BC to how you commute to work today.

    1. Britain, as it looked in 5,500BC.

    2. The rocks of Britain.

    3. Britain, as the ancient Romans thought it looked.

    4. Britain, as it actually was divided up under Roman rule.

    5. The native tribes of Roman Britain.

    6. Where Roman coins have been found in Britain.

    7. The Roman road network in Britain.

    8. How Roman rule crumbled in Britain.

    9. The post-Roman peoples of Britain.

    10. The bits of Britain ruled by Vikings in the 9th century.

    11. What Britain thought it looked like in the 13th century.

    12. A Dutch map of Britain in the 17th century.

    13. The population density of Britain, before and after the Industrial Revolution.

    14. All the land that the British Empire held.

    15. These are the countries which British troops have never invaded.

    16. The Battle of Britain.

    17. Here's what you're facing when you stand on the coast of Britain and Ireland.

    18. Britain's rudest place names.

    19. Every train line in Britain.

    20. How Britons commute to work.

    21. Where people feel English or British.