The Telegraph Listed 89 Anti-Brexit MPs And People Are Not Impressed

    The paper's leader column said that the MPs "showed contempt for referendum voters", and called them "shameful" and "childish vandals". People are calling it irresponsible in the year when a pro-Remain MP was murdered.

    Yesterday, the Daily Telegraph ran a leader column which lists the 89 MPs who voted against last night's motion to start the Brexit process in March.

    The headline says that they have "contempt" for the voters, and in the text of the article it calls MPs who voted against "shameful" and "childish vandals".

    Some of the "shameful" MPs have pointed out on Twitter that they voted in line their own constituents' wishes.

    Hi @Telegraph I'm not a "childish vandal" I voted according to the mandate of my constituents & Scotland #brexit

    'Contempt' in this context meaning voting in line with the 74.3% of people in East Ren who wish to remain in the EU.

    And some people on Twitter felt it was an alarming move.

    @Telegraph It's a scary time when the main stream press are naming and shaming MP's for doing their job!

    @Telegraph what's that fascist twaddle about naming MPs who challenge the govt? No room for opposition in the world of the Telegraph.

    Especially in the light of the murder of Jo Cox, a pro-Remain MP, earlier this year, and the wave of death threats being received by other MPs.

    @TeleComment In the context of Jo Cox's murder, this is worse than irresponsible.

    @TeleComment this is appalling. Politicians are being killed and you're peddling this shit?

    @TomChivers it's irresponsible writing, isn't it, in a year when an MP was murdered

    The Telegraph isn't the first to do this. The Conservative Party's own press office Twitter account listed Labour MPs who voted against the motion, saying they "won't respect the referendum result":

    .@jreynoldsMP won’t respect referendum result - Labour are out of touch with ordinary working people #BrexitDebate

    Tensions are running high generally. Yesterday, a white nationalist was jailed for two years for a campaign of racial abuse against a Jewish MP, Luciana Berger, while last week a man was arrested over a tweet asking people to "Jo Cox" the pro-Remain MP Anna Soubry.

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