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    People Are Saying This Gap Advert Is Sexist

    Also it looks like Gap can't spell "Einstein".

    The clothing company Gap is getting a bit of stick online for this ad.


    It's from a Gap promotional email received by Twitter user @psychscientists, which BuzzFeed News has seen.

    People are saying it's suggesting boys should be "scholars" and girls should be "social butterflies", and that it's sexist.

    For anyone who thinks that sexist marketing to children isn't a problem... Really @UKGap ? HT @PsychScientists

    @LetToysBeToys @UKGap @PsychScientists seriously?? 7yr old daughter determined to be a scientist, what kind of message is this

    @jeg623 @LetToysBeToys @EverydaySexism boys are scholars, girls just like hanging out. Classic sexist nonsense

    Gap's own "scholarship" isn't that hot, either. It managed to spell "Einstein" wrong on this T-shirt.






    He's quite famous, guys.

    .@PsychScientists @LetToysBeToys @EverydaySexism Sexism & more dumbness! Doesn't take a genius to spell Einstein 😜

    People on Twitter are kicking off about it.

    Dear @UKGap my daughter & son both love to have genius ideas-please don't limit them. Ps you spelt Einstein wrong

    No wonder girls don't choose #STEM careers after they've been subjected to this rubbish growing up. Seriously!!!

    @LetToysBeToys @UKGap My brother played with dolls when he was small. Can he still do that physics degree or nah? @PsychScientists

    Shame on you @UKGap for this disgraceful #sexism that diminishes little girls #NotBuyingIt @PinkstinksUK

    @PsychScientists @LetToysBeToys @EverydaySexism

    BuzzFeed News has contacted Gap for a response.