People Are Furious That All 11 Nobel Prizes Went To Men

    Of the 900 Nobel Prizes ever awarded, just 48 have gone to women.

    The Nobel Prizes have been announced over the last week or so.

    In total, there were 11 winners: one for medicine, three for physics, three for chemistry, two for economics, one for peace, and one for literature.

    But people have started to notice something about all the winners.

    So no women whatsoever in the #NobelPrize laureates of 2016? @NobelPrize

    All 11 of them.

    #NobelPrize this year decided to not recognize women's contributions. Are we not in 2016? #allmalepanel #gender

    No women were awarded a Nobel Prize in any category this year. Not a single one. I think that says a lot about our society. #NobelPrize

    2016: NO contributions from #women were recognized with a @NobelPrize in any category #sexism

    And in fact a few people noted that this wasn't exactly an isolated incident.

    48 women in total have been awarded the Nobel Prize between 1901 and 2015.

    Today the #NobelPrize in Physiology or Medicine will be announced. It has been awarded to 210 individuals, 12 of which were women.

    Fewer than 1% of all awardees, none in the last 53 years. Since 1965 the % of PhD in physics awarded to women has g…

    If only there was a lyric from a recent Nobel Prize for Literature winner that could be repurposed for this in some way.

    No woman wins any Nobel prize this year. Oh the times they ain't a changin'#BobDylan #NobelPrize @Read_Women @WomenintheWorld @TwitterWomen