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Pray One Day You Enjoy Something As Much As George Osborne Enjoyed This Election

"BREAKING: George Osborne elected MP for Schadenfreude Central."

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George Osborne, the former chancellor, stepped down as an MP ahead of this election.

Alex White / Twitter / Via Twitter: @AlexWhiteUK

To spend more time with his fa – oh no, to take on a sixth or ninth or 13th or something job as editor of the Evening Standard, which made perfect sense because he once got turned down for an internship at the Times.

But it seems… he… isn't.

Seriously, he's having a whale of a time.

Get yourself a girl that looks at you the way George Osborne looks at exit polls.


People couldn't help but notice.

BREAKING: George Osborne elected MP for Schadenfreude Central.

It can't be because there are any hard feelings over Theresa May sacking him?

Christmas has come early for George Osborne, it appears.

.@George_Osborne is having the time of his life


I hear revenge is a dish best served on live television and using the words "worst" and "in history"


George Osborne, openly gleeful: "The worst thing she's done in her life is no longer running through a wheat field"

A few people wondered whether he was wishing he hadn't quit, since he could now be running for Tory leader.

Bet George Osborne is regretting his career choices right now.

Right now George Osborne is thinking "Shit why did I resign to edit this crappy freesheet, I could have been Tory leader..."

But seriously, he seems to be having the time of his life. It's not just on the telly. He's really thrown himself into the journalism thing. Four front pages, all putting the boot in.

So @George_Osborne is having fun today I see... Here are the 4 (FOUR) Evening Standard front pages


And two cartoons!

Here's @Adamstoon1 view on Mrs May's election result @EveningStandard

Here's a new cartoon from @Adamstoon1 for our third edition @EveningStandard - after Saatchis

Basically, George Osborne had a pretty…

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