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Parents, What's The Funniest Thing Your Kid Has Done With Technology?

"Siri, change my nappy."

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This is my son. He's 17 months old. He can't really say very much, apart from "dog" and "door" and "dada".

Basically he's got "D" figured out.
Tom Chivers / BuzzFeed

Basically he's got "D" figured out.

But he's already amazing with technology. He can swipe things on my iPad and is obsessed with making Siri talk to him.

Mike Wilson Tunes / YouTube / Via

Siri has no idea what he's saying, but it makes him crack up every time when it says "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that".

Does anything your kid do with technology make you laugh/freak you out? Maybe they remind you how much the world has changed since you were a child.

My daughter just asked why we say "hang up" the phone and now I feel 90.

Or make you feel old.

Him: Mommy, what IS a postcard? Me: A prehistoric text message. Him: Did they send them on beepers? *blink* Me: No. Just... no.

Just had a 5 yr old teach me new tricks on my phone. It's a dark, dark world out there when I can't even feel superiority towards a toddler.

Or subtly misunderstand things.

Way back when, I thought technology would look more like flying cars and less like me yelling "The laptop's not a touch screen," at my kids.

Or just amaze you with their highly specific skills.

My 2-y-o can figure out how to work the TV remote, but can't find his mouth while eating spaghetti.

Let us know in the comments below!

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