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Parents, Tell Us Your Toddler Disasters

If your beloved little darling ever flushed your car keys down the toilet, tell us about it. You'll feel better.

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One of the authors of this piece once caught a squirt of his toddler's liquid poo as it flew in a parabolic arc across the room.


This is a different toddler but the effect was much the same.

The other author was shocked to find the gas oven on fire in the kitchen, because his toddler thought this would be a great place to hide his plastic toys.

And the first author once spent several hours looking for his car keys which his other toddler had hidden in the cutlery drawer.

That was a fun afternoon.

But we expect this is nothing to what you've put up with. Tell us your most appalling, embarrassing or disgusting stories, and we will reproduce them right here on BuzzFeed! Go on, it'll feel good to get off your chest.


Toddlers. 100% evil.

Write your response in the comment section below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.