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48 Things Doctors Are Explicitly Banned From Prescribing On The NHS

Presumably at some point a doctor has tried to prescribe a macaroon and needed to be told not to.

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1. Buckfast (and all "tonic wines")

2. Wine

3. Orange squash ("St Clement's Fruit Juice Concentrate")

4. Lucozade

5. Evian Mineral Water

6. Perrier Mineral Water

7. Herbal tea bags

8. Crusha Milk Shake Syrup


17. Strychnine (that's literal poison)

18. Head and Shoulders shampoo

19. Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil

20. Neutrogena Shampoo

21. Neutrogena Soap

22. Dove Cleansing Bar

23. Timotei shampoo

24. Wholemeal flour

25. Contact lens solution

26. Transclean cleaning solution (which appears to be a plumbing descaler)


27. Macaroon cookies

28. Chocolate chip cookies

29. Custard cream biscuits

30. Gingernut cookies

31. Chocolate biscuits

32. Chocolate digestive biscuits

33. Shortcake biscuits

34. Chocolate hazelnut wafer bar

35. Plum pudding

36. Almond & coconut cake

37. Banana & sesame seed cake

38. Carob & mint cake

39. Ginger & pecan nut cake

40. Banana & apple yoghurt infant dessert


41. Lemsip

42. Vicks Vapour Rub

43. Nurofen

44. Calpol

45. Toothpaste

46. Slim-Fast Meal Replacement

47. Bath salt

48. Sea salt

• These are taken from the Schedule 1 "blacklist" of substances banned from prescription on the NHS. We have referred to the substances sometimes by their listed brand name and sometimes by their generic name, depending on which seemed funnier.

Tom Chivers is a science writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.

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