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    Why Adults Just Don't Get Teenagers, According To Science

    In your teenage and young adult years, your brain is changing in important, exciting ways that scientists are only just learning about. Here are a few of them.

    1. Your brain changes hugely in your teenage years, and that’s something scientists have only recently realised.

    2. There’s not really a clear definition of when “adolescence” ends, but it goes on longer than you might think.

    3. Your emotions are getting more and more powerful, and the thinking, decision-making part of your brain is still rushing to catch up.

    4. And that means that as a young adult you’re more likely to take risks, or do things that scare you.

    5. You’re especially more likely to take risks when your friends are watching.

    6. That’s because, during your teens, you’re especially aware of your social status.

    7. If you go to bed late and sleep late as a teenager, it’s not because you’re lazy. Your body clock is set differently.

    8. Your teens and young adulthood is when you’re at your absolute physical peak…

    9. …but it’s also when a lot of mental health problems begin, and it’s not known exactly why.

    10. Older adults often forget how hard this period can be, and tend to belittle or demonise teenagers and young adults.

    11. But it’s the most emotionally intense time of your life, and can be incredibly important in forming who you are.