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14 Supervillains Quoting David Cameron

David Cameron saying "as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone" came off more than a bit sinister. In fact, it wouldn't be out of place coming from the mouths of famous supervillains. (HT @BrigonChomhgail.)

1. Doctor Doom.

What David Cameron said actually seems perfectly reasonable if you're a comic book supervillain.

2. Wilson Fisk.

Marvel / BuzzFeed

3. Ultron.

Marvel / BuzzFeed

4. Ozymandias.

BuzzFeed / DC Comics

5. Loki.

Marvel / BuzzFeed

6. Calvin Candie.

Columbia Pictures / BuzzFeed

7. Lord Humungus.

MGM Studios / BuzzFeed

8. Skeletor.

Mattel / BuzzFeed

9. Agent Smith.

Warner Bros / BuzzFeed

10. Mumm-Ra.

Warner Bros / BuzzFeed

11. The Joker.

DC Comics / BuzzFeed

12. President Snow.

Lionsgate / BuzzFeed

13. Baron Greenback.

Siriol Animation / BuzzFeed

14. Bane.

DC Comics / BuzzFeed