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  • From Service Dog to SURFice Dog

    This is Surf dog Ricochet’s journey from birth, to service dog training, to dog surfing, to surfing tandem with quadriplegic surfer, Patrick Ivison, to fundraising for charitable causes. She has raised over $20,000 in the last six months. She is currently leading a fundraiser for a six year old boy named Ian who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a horrific car accident that claimed the lives of his parents. For more info on Ricochet, dog surfing, and her charitable causes, please go to Surf Dog Ricochet to follow her on Facebook & Twitter. The unsung hero here is Judy Fridono. Ricochet’s trainer. Judy humbly shares her talent. It took me some time to find her name as she does not showcase it on Ricochet’s website or youtube channel. Judy is a gift from and to both Dog and God. In my opinion.. Judy represents what every human and canine should aspire to.

  • Drunk History Vol. 3 – Starring Jen Kirkman

    Watch the gripping tale of Oney Judge, George & Martha Washington’s favorite slave. Starring Jen Kirkman, a Los Angeles Comedian, who has been performing the circuit for years. With a regular gig on Chelsea Lately Jen Kirkman continues to bring the funny! Late one night comedian Jen Kirkman drank a bottle and a half of wine and then discussed an historical event. Derek Waters Presents: Drunk History vol. 3 Starring: Danny McBride, Tymberlee Hill, Jason Ritter, Marianna Palka, Derek Waters and Jen Kirkman Filmed, Edited & Directed by Jeremy Konner

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