Smize Vs. Smize - Tyra Or Kitten?

Still waiting for cycle 1 of America’s Next Top Kitten…

1. Contender #1: Kitten

The Pet Collective / Via

Kitten: Wilbur (female, 6 weeks old)
Star of the upcoming series, “The Litter” and “Space Kittens” on The Pet Collective on the YouTubes. Swing over and subscribe for more adorable things like this.

2. Contender #2: Tyra

TeamCoco / Via

Model: Tyra
Invented the Smize, and generally fabulous.
Choose wisely and don’t forget…she is the master!

3. Cleveland’s Next Top Model

Atomic Wedgie TV / Via

While you’re waiting for cycle 1 of America’s Next Top Kitten (like I am), you will probably enjoy this series as much as I do. No Smizes though.

Vote for your favorite smize below!

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