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Brian Austin Green's Take On Bath Salts

Discovered this on Megan Fox's Facebook...

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Don't Do Bath Salts At Work

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So the short features Brian Austin Green and friends from his new TV series, Wedding Band. Most notable is that it is very un-marketing-like in that the short makes no mention of the new comedy series on TBS at all, but a quick IMDB-ing of the cast is a perfect match. Conclusion, the cast of the new show is really funny, and they just kept hanging out making funny stuff together.

I was intrigued, so I dug deeper...

Brian Austin Green Is A Rock Star...

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So aside from him being married to Megan Fox he actually plays a rock star of sorts in his new a Chuck Klosterman kind of way...which I will explain below, but you are welcome to skip that part if you have no interest in Klosterman's evaluation of cover bands, and you just wanna know if the show is good or not, which you'll find below.

Chuck Klosterman predicted this 10 years ago...


I'm recalling my misunderstood too-cool-for-school college days reading Chuck Klosterman's Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs and having my mind blown learning that cover bands are [sort of] the new rock stars reminiscent of the Sunset Strip circa 1988. Basically, if you're a Guns N' Roses cover band, and you're good, the fans will treat you the same as they once treated GnR.

Fast forward to 2012...well, since suddenly weddings are the new expensive American dream that you take a mortgage on instead of buying a house anymore, it's the wedding band that is living the life, not just any ole' cover band. Think about it...weddings cost about a gazillion bucks now, and these wedding bands HAVE to make more at a wedding reception than at some under-marketed dive show at some bar where you're just angry that the stage is setup in front of the dartboards.

Wedding Band iTunes / Via

So I did a little digging for this Wedding Band series, and found a free preview of it on iTunes. I checked it out, and it looks pretty good. To me, it's that self-conscious reincarnation of Chuck Klosterman's foresight of cover-band stardom nearly 10 years ago.

So if you still watch TV, slap a series-record on the ole' DVR as it is on Saturday nights on the same cable network that accepted Conan O'Brian as being superior to network television.

View this video on YouTube

Wedding Band - YouTube / Via
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