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17 Things You'll Get If You're Your Biggest Fan

I'm so, I'm so, I'm so, I'm so, I'm so proud of ME!

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1. You love spending time by yourself because you have worked really hard to be the best version of you.

when u realize that u love spending time by yourself because you are a complete & interesting person on ur own

2. You know, without a doubt, that you're the most entertaining person you'll ever meet.

me re watching my own snaps acting like I ain't never seen them before 😂


3. You spend a lot of time taking pictures, and then admiring them.

Me looking at my selfies before I post them.

4. You're aware of your own flaws, so insults don't bother you.

me when people insult me not knowing that i've learned to love myself completely and not care anymore

5. You know how other people can be awkward when they receive compliments? Yeah, that doesn’t apply to you.

"You are Beyoncé" "Thank you." Iconic 😭🔥

7. You have moments when you hate yourself, but they never last long.


10. You never stand around and let other people talk negatively about themselves because you believe everyone should experience self-love.

11. You actively make an effort to love yourself, because although you make it look easy, it can be really hard.

12. You are great at making self-congratulatory jokes.

14. Your self-belief is so deep, that even on your bad days, you can see the good in yourself.

I'm low key butters today. But it's fine, because even when I'm butters, I'm peng.

15. You don’t beat yourself up for mistakes, because you've mastered the act of keeping things moving and focusing on your good bits.

picking yourself up after going through some shit has to be one of your biggest accomplishments bc I know it feels like the impossible

16. You know that even when you're the worst, you're still the best.

When you're trash but you're still better than everyone else.

17. Basically, you're your own biggest fan and you make yourself proud every day.

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