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    19 Hair Transformations That Will Make You Want To Cut Your Hair

    Short hair, don't care.

    1. This super-cute cut and colour.

    2. Can we just take a minute to appreciate this stunning look.

    4. This layered lob.

    5. Beautiful before and after.

    6. This makeover is so gorgeous.

    7. She pulls it off so well.

    8. Just stunning.

    9. If you're going to cut it off, you might as well cut it all off.

    10. This tapered cut is just perfect.

    11. What a transformation.

    12. This hard line completes the whole look.

    13. This cut looks so damn good.

    14. So beautiful.

    15. This drastic yet flawless cut and colour.

    16. Just look at this beauty.

    17. This cute-side swept cut.

    18. This gorgeous transformation.

    19. Because a pixie is always a good look.