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    19 Teachers Talk About The Kindest Thing A Student Ever Did For Them

    "A student told me thank you."

    We asked teachers in the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the nicest thing a student has ever done for them. Here's what they said.

    1. "I changed her life for the better."

    "One of my students was in foster care and moved halfway through the year. Several months later I received an email from her new teacher with her essay she wrote about how I changed her life for the better." – Enk10

    2. I got a really sweet note.

    emmar464f500e9 / Via

    "One of my students made this at the end of the year." – emmar464f500e9

    3. "We're all your kids."

    "During this past year of teaching, my husband and I started the process to become foster parents and hopefully adopt a child. I was at school when I got the news that the fostering class had been canceled and we would have to wait another six months until we could start. I was upset and couldn't hold back tears. One of my students came into the room, he'd forgotten something, and overheard me on the phone. He quietly came up to me when I was done and said, 'Ms Clark, no matter when or how it happens, you're going to be an amazing mother, and we're all your kids until then,' and then I cried even harder." – meredithc41b318868

    4. "They wanted me to know how much I mean to them."

    "I recently left my job as a music teacher to pursue another music teaching job. My students planned a going-away party where they serenaded me with original songs and some pop covers with alternate lyrics. They wanted me to know how much I mean to them, and that they understood that I needed to chase my dreams, even if it meant leaving them. Seriously, the best kids ever." – jennac4283ad0b0

    5. "They held a rally during lunch hour, chanting my name."

    cisz25 / Via

    "I had to leave my job mid-school-year for an employment opportunity abroad, and it was tough breaking the news to my students. My last week was very special, though; they gave me little gifts, signed illustrations boards, and held a rally during lunch hour chanting my name. Made me feel really appreciated and I realised how much I meant to them." – cisz25

    6. "They bought me a magnifying glass ."

    "I tripped over some wires at the start of the day and fell to the floor, knocking myself out. My tutor group arrived when the bell went and ran for help screaming that I had died, which obviously I hadn't. When I came back to work the following day they had covered the wires with brightly covered tape and bought me a magnifying glass so I could check where I stepped in future. I also got flowers and chocolates." – celiaw469138dc4

    7. "The random act of kindness and thoughtfulness completely threw me."

    "I had received some bad news and was in the process of trying to teach a class whilst holding back the tears. At the end of the lesson one of boys came up to me and gave me a small piece of paper. He'd written a note saying he didn't know what was wrong but he could see I wasn't my usual self and he hoped I would feel better soon. The random act of kindness and thoughtfulness completely threw me and instantly uplifted my spirits." – chloep4b065a24a

    8. "She had dressed exactly like me."

    alyssai416e9eccd / Via

    "This past year was my first year of teaching and it was very challenging, I teach kids coming from broken homes. During theme week, the kids could dress like what they wanted to be when they grow up. That morning a very sweet girl came running in and said “look, I’m you”! She had dressed exactly like me – leggings, a tunic, boots, and a sock bun on her head. As a first-year teacher I often thought I was horrifically failing these children. It was so touching to see I had much more of an impact than I thought." – alyssai416e9eccd

    9. "He came to school with a stuffed Pikachu."

    "Last year, I had a student in my class with autism. He LOVED Pokémon and would work every day to earn 'Pokémon time.' When he earned Pokémon time, we would sit together and look at this cards. I don't know much about Pokémon so I would always ask where Pikachu was and say Pikachu was my favourite. On my birthday, he came to school with a stuffed Pikachu and two holographic Pikachu cards so I 'would always have a Pikachu'. The best part was, the stuffed Pikachu was a used toy with a slightly dirty nose. He couldn't afford to buy one but wanted me to have his. I cried and cry every time I look at it." – courtneylaurenw

    10. "We ended up sharing pudding and it was the loveliest moment in all my years of teaching."

    "Recently we had a visit from Ofsted, the school inspectors. It was a really big deal for the school and everything was a bit crazy. During the lunchtime on the first day of the inspection, I was running round setting up for the afternoon and didn't have time to stop for lunch. Then, a 7-year-old boy from my old class came and knocked on my door, and brought in the dessert from his school dinner. 'Sir, I know it's a really busy day because of the inspection, and it might be stressful, so I thought I'd give you my pudding as a treat to get you through the day.' He wouldn't let me refuse, so we compromised and ended up sharing the pudding and it was the loveliest moment in all my years of teaching." – nigellanigella

    11. "She wrote me this letter."

    Marni C. / Via

    "As a teacher, I often wonder and worry about my past students. There was a sweet girl in my class and she rarely spoke at school, and I always worried that I wasn’t doing enough for her. A few years letter she wrote me this letter. It was written as part of a gratitude project. I reread it when I’m having a tough day to remind myself that making the effort to build positive relationships with kids does make a difference. Notes like this make all the hard work worth it." – Marni C.

    12. "I felt so loved and blessed."

    "When I had my 'first reborn birthday', my first year after bone marrow transplant, my students made me a huge birthday cake, bought me flowers and drew all these amazing pictures that I still have in a little box on my desk. I felt so loved and blessed that I was healthy again after two years of battling with leukemia and undergoing chemo and transplant. Six years have passed and my then students still wish me 'happy reborn day' every year." – xralfiepx

    13. "She brought me a gift bag with a bunch of small, well-loved plush toys inside."

    "One of my students came from a family of very limited means, so giving presents to the teacher wasn't really an option. For the last day of school though, she brought me a gift bag with a bunch of small, well-loved plush toys inside. She had picked her personal favourites from her toy box and written me a note asking me to love them a lot. It had such an impact on me that a child that had very little would still choose to give away her own personal treasures just to let me know how much I mattered to her." – tokodake

    14. "My wonderful class made me a card."

    harriettel2 / Via

    "I was leaving the school after 13 years, so my wonderful class made me a card that used the same format as the chapter sheets I had forced them to fill in for any text we studied. They’d altered the quotes to refer to me and the class. I still have it on my new desk and look at it every day." – harriettel2

    15. "A student told me thank you."

    "Honestly, after class a student told me 'thank you'. It doesn't have to be something big to make an impact that will last a lifetime." – samanthamarieg4a6ae0510

    16. "I had a student write me a Hogwarts acceptance letter."

    crazy4flipflops / Via

    "I had a student write me a Hogwarts acceptance letter, after I mentioned I was still waiting for mine. The letter came with a school seal and book list." – crazy4flipflops

    17. "One student in my class made me a notebook full of poetry."

    "I teach English, and as a parting gift, one student in my class made me a notebook full of poetry she had written. ❤️ "– Lisamarieford

    18. "My students always sent somebody to the staff room to help me with my stuff."

    "There was one year when I broke my foot and I had to do all lessons while seated and I couldn't carry my bag, so my students always sent somebody to the staff room to help me with my stuff. When I was finally better, I told them the worst thing about being a teacher was that we're not allowed to give our students hugs. Their reaction: 'Yeah, but there aren't any rules about us not giving YOU hugs, right?', and the day ended in a gigantic group hug." – Beatrix Ruppert, Facebook

    19. "The class and school put together a GoFundMe page."

    "My dog is a frequent school visitor to my class. She had gotten really sick and I was missing a lot of school to care for her. The class and school put together a GoFundMe page and helped me with half of the bill. The amount of cards and love I received was nothing short of amazing. She fully recovered a few months later and I brought her in to thank everyone personally." – laurad458de1af3

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