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7 Little Things To Do When You Feel A Little Shitty

You're doing amazing sweetie.

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1. Break the goal down into tiny pieces.

Chipping away at a task will make it feel a lot less daunting. So break things down into smaller, realistic steps and get shit done, one step at a time.

2. Keep checking in on your reasons for wanting to achieve this goal.

Take some time to write exactly what you want to achieve. Include every single detail, dream it, visualise it, all of that. Whenever you feel like you can't be arsed go back to this.

3. Get yourself a little box of pick me ups, or make your own.

Not On The Highstreet / Via

This is a set of ten messages made to motivate and reassure you. Which is perfect for when you're feeling a little shitty. You can get this from Not On The HighStreet, for £14.95, but if you don't fancy spending money you can make your own. Just write nice things on paper, put them in a jar and pick them when you need a boost.


5. Do the small stuff.

Send a text, clean your desk, make a coffee, just do something to get you started. Once you've done the small bits, you'll get into the flow of things, which might make you feel a little more focused.

6. Stay positive.

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Being positive sounds great, but it's actually very hard to do. It's often something people say, but don't tell you how.

So here's one way to go about it; Every morning ask yourself a few positive questions.

What am I happy about in my life right now?

What am I excited about in my life right now?

These type of questions are great because they make you recognise the things you take for granted and then you can get in to feeling a lot more positive.

7. And just give yourself a break.

Take some time to just chill out. Go for a coffee, go for a walk, read a book. Have a nap, sleep has a way of making things a little better.