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    19 Pictures That Prove Boxer Braids Are Definitely Not A Thing

    Seriously what are boxer braids?

    1. Definitely cornrows!

    2. For real, what are boxer braids?

    3. Looks like cornrows to me.

    4. Pretty sure these are cornrows too.

    5. Still not boxer braids.

    6. Like what does boxer braids even mean?

    7. We can all agree these are cornrows, right?

    8. Braided to perfection, and still CORNROWS.

    9. These. Are. Cornrows!

    10. Ain't no boxer braids here.

    11. And what is this "new trend" talk all about?

    12. Cornrows (laid edges included) have been around for a long time now.

    13. Kim K definitely didn't start the cornrow trend.

    14. What are these boxer braids your speak of?

    15. WTF are "boxer braids"?

    16. You can't just rename cornrows!

    17. Cute AF, and still cornrows.

    18. Boxer braids...REALLY?

    19. They called CORNROWS fam!