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17 Really Nice Things Siblings Do For Each Other

"My older sister made my childhood magical."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the nicest things their sibling has done for them. Here's what they said.

1. My brother hugged me.

Instagram: @nunanchic

I was diagnosed with cancer, and as a result I had to undergo fertility treatment to freeze some eggs before chemo started. The treatment meant that I had to give myself daily hormone injections. On the day I had to give myself the first one, I must have cried for at least an hour, ugly crying, until I worked up the courage to do it. Afterward my older autistic brother, who I thought hadn't heard me crying, came up to me and gave a giant hug. One of only a handful from him in my life.

This hug was exactly what I needed at the time and the sweetest most amazing thing he has ever done. He showed a level of empathy I never thought him capable and I will never forget that moment.


2. My sister made me pancakes.

Instagram: @lord_archibald_nelson

My sister woke up early on the morning of my last school exams and made me pancakes to surprise me. It was very cute and delicious. She started them at about four in the morning and considering she never cooks, it was such a nice gesture.


3. My older sister made my childhood magical.

When I was very little, my older sister noticed that I was writing to fairies. I would put the letters under my pillow and I would be distraught when I never got a response. So to make me happy, she started to reply, in tiny handwriting on tiny little bits of paper, with added sprinkles of glitter. The notes eventually got more elaborate. She would write little tasks for me, such as bringing wool, so that the fairies would knit me a scarf. This made my childhood absolutely magical.


4. My sister celebrated when I got my first boyfriend.

When I got my first boyfriend my sister drove to me and brought me a celebratory taco because she was so excited for me.


5. My brother felt sorry for me.

When my little brother learned about periods, the first thing he said to me after was "I'm so, so sorry".– Jamie Mackenzie, Facebook
Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

When my little brother learned about periods, the first thing he said to me after was "I'm so, so sorry".

– Jamie Mackenzie, Facebook

6. My brother stayed awake to protect me.

Instagram: @likkleshayna

When I was little I used to have nightmares. In the nightmares, shadows of angry men would float off my bedroom wall and drift toward me as though they were about to attack. One night, my brother stayed awake while I slept to protect me. In the morning he said that he saw the angry shadows too, but then the shadow of Dino, the pet dinosaur from the Flintstones, showed up and fought them off and made them leave forever.

– Crystal Anne Libby, Facebook

7. My brother brought me pink tulips.

Instagram: @famflowerfarm

One memory that really sticks out is when I was about six and was really ill with a horrible stomach bug. My brother, who was eight, walked up to the corner shop and used his pocket money to buy me some pink tulips. I'd never been bought flowers before and they sat on my dresser the whole time I was ill, cheering me up. I've loved tulips ever since.


8. My brother shared Harry Potter with me.

When I was sharing an apartment with my older brother he noticed I would watch the Harry Potter movies every few months because of how much I love them. It came up in conversation and he eventually found out that I had never read the books, because I was too scared to as a kid and just never got round to it, even though I really wanted to. The next day I got home from college to find the first three Harry Potter books on my bed with a note saying "I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I did".


9. My sister let me tattoo her.

I'm practicing to become a tattoo artist and my sister agreed to let me do my first tattoo on her.– Deboritz

I'm practicing to become a tattoo artist and my sister agreed to let me do my first tattoo on her.


10. My brother read me a book.

Instagram: @realgrumpycat

Last summer I was recovering from a really bad breakdown and stayed at my parents house for a month. I spent the most of the time in bed in my own head space until one night my youngest brother, who was 8 at the time, came in with a new book to read to me. The book was about a sad old cat and a kitten trying to make the cat happy again. I have never cried so hard or felt so loved in my life!


11. My little brother always play Monopoly with me.

My little brother will always play Monopoly with me when no one else will. He knows I love the game and everyone else gets sick of me asking during family get togethers. So he obliges me. We still set up on the landing when we play, like we did when we were little kids, just to get in everyone's way.


12. My brother told me santa was real.

When I was 10 a boy in school told me Santa wasn't real. I was so upset. My older brother told me that he was real and he had met him the year before, but we had to keep it a secret or everyone would want to meet him. I believed in santa for another few years.


13. My brother snuck up food for me.

One night I got sent to bed early without dinner, I don't remember why. But my older brother snuck in the kitchen and told our mom he was still hungry and made some pizza bagels. He ate a few and then put the rest in the pocket of his brand new school jeans, and brought it to me in my room.


14. My sister accepted me when I came out.

Instagram: @lapassiongay

When I first came out as gay, I tried to hide it from my family. Me and my sister have a lot of the same friends and all our friends knew and kept it a secret until I was comfortable telling her. So one night, me and my sister were cooking dinner and I was complaining about someone being homophobic towards me. I discussed it as if it were a friend it happened to, and then I slipped and said 'as a certified homosexual'. I hadn't realised what I'd done until she hugged me and said it was all okay with her. Plus she promised to not tell our parents until I was ready.


15. My brother framed a picture of my cat.

Instagram: @mjaurte

A few years ago my cat died in an accident and I was really upset about it. The next day I came home from work and my brother had printed a picture of the cat, put it in a lovely frame and placed it on the window sill in my room. It may seem like a small thing but it really meant a lot to me at the time.


16. My brother used to run me baths.

Instagram: @lateafternoon

When I was a student, I used to work weekends in a garden centre to earn some extra cash. Because I worked long shifts, I rarely had much time between finishing work and getting home before I'd head back out to see friends. My little brother who was 10 at the time used to run me a bath every time I was due home from work, so I could get washed, changed and head straight out for nights out.


17. My sister made me who I am today.

BET / Via

You may find it hard to believe this but my sister and I never fought, never. The nicest thing she has ever done for me was make me who I am today. She fixed me every single time I went wrong. I honestly have no idea where I'd be without her, and I mean this.

Some responses have been edited for clarity.

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