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    16 Warming Products For People Who Are Always Cold

    Stay toasty!

    1. This desk mini-heater.

    My xl shop / Via

    Perfect for the office. Get it here.

    2. This pocket-sized radiator aka hand warmer.

    Zippo / Via

    They provide up to 12 hours of gentle, consistent heat. Get it here.

    3. This thick wearable blanket.

    QVC / Via

    Just looking at it makes you feel warm. Get it here.

    4. Or maybe a mermaid fishtail blanket.

    Missguided / Via

    It's a pretty stylish way to keep warm. Get it here.

    5. This snuggly hot water bottle that wraps around you.

    It's like a warm loving hug. Get it here.

    6. This faux-fur beanbag.

    Bean Bag Bazaar / Via

    The perfect little nest to keep warm, get it here.

    7. This beanie with cute kitten ears.

    Asos / Via

    It's just too cute, get it here.

    8. Heat holder socks to keep your feet nice and toasty.

    These socks are a God sent. Get it here.

    9. Heated insoles to slip into your shoes.

    Snow and Rock / Via

    How have we gone this long without heated insoles? Get it here.

    10. The cutest and cosiest bathrobe you’ve ever seen.

    Next / Via

    Look at the cute little ears, get it here.

    11. These fluffy microwavable slippers.

    Find Me A Gift / Via

    Soft comfy and scented with lavender. Get it here.

    12. Earmuff headphones that will protect your ears from the cold.

    Kitsound / Via

    Never have cold ears again, get it here.

    13. Toasted heated pillow.

    Firebox / Via Stays lovely and warm for up to 4 hours

    Snuggle up and keep warm. Get it here.

    14. Gloves that allow you to fiddle with your phone.

    Firebox / Via

    You can use your phone, without freezing your fingers. Get it here.

    15. Insulated thermos desk mug, so you can warm up from the inside out.

    Thermos / Via

    For all the hot drinks you'll be drinking, get it here.

    16. A warming rail for your towels.

    Amazon / Via

    It's like a spa at home, get it here.