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    16 Hacks For Everyone Who Wears False Eyelashes

    Wear fake lashes, without gluing your eyes shut.

    1. Wrap lashes around a makeup brush for a few minutes before applying it.

    Nasty Galaxy / Via

    This will add a curve to the eyelash strip, allowing them to form to the shape of your eyes.

    2. Before applying false lashes, be sure to measure and trim them to fit your eye shape.

    Cartia Mallan / Via

    Not all false eyelashes fit straight from the package, some might be too long or too wide for your lashes, so you will need to measure them and cut it to size.

    Measure the lashes by placing them on your lash line. make a note of where the false lash stops at the edge of your lash line, then cut the excess.

    3. If you like full-on eyelashes, stack your falsies before putting them on.

    Queenii Rozenblad / Via

    Create your own thick, dramatic set of lashes by stacking two lashes. Staking false lashes will add a little more volume and dimension to your eyes.

    Mixing different shapes is always a good look. So go for lashes that are fuller and longer on the outer edges and pair them with full criss crossing lashes.

    Here's the full tutorial.

    4. Place a mirror in a position that allows you to look down.

    5. Cut falsies in half if you want a more natural look.

    6. You can make your own individual lashes.

    The Beauty Department / Via

    Why you ask? Because individual lashes tend to cost more than strip lashes. Cut your strip lashes in-between the groupings to make your own individuals.

    7. Use cotton buds and oil-free makeup remover to take off your lashes.

    Elegant Lashes TV / Via

    To avoid damage on your lashes, use cotton buds and oil free makeup remover to remove your falsies. Soak the cotton bud with the remover, and gently rub it on your lash line, the lashes will easily fall off, no tugging necessary. Once the lashes are off, use coconut oil to remove the residual glue on your lashes.

    Avoid using oil on the false lashes, because the oil left on the lash band will make it difficult for the glue to bind to your lash line the next time you try to put them on.

    Here's a tutorial on how it's done.

    8. Use washing up liquid and hot water to clean your lashes.

    ItsMyRayeRaye / Via

    Yes you can re-use your lashes, and yes you can clean them. To clean your lashes add a drop of washing up liquid to hot water and gently rub the lashes. This will break apart the dirt, mascara and glue.

    9. Use tweezers to remove excess glue on the lashes.

    It'sMyRayeRaye / Via

    Grip firmly on the lashes with one hand, and use the tweezers to gently pull of sections of glue stuck to the lash band.

    10. The drier the glue, the better it will stick to your lash line.

    11. Apply a little more eyelash glue to the ends and inner corner of the lashes

    Its My Raye Raye / Via

    The inner and outer corner of false lashes are the actual worst, so to actually get them to stick down and stay down, add a little more glue to them.

    12. Apply glue to your actual lash line, instead of the false lashes.

    The Beauty Department / Via

    If you tend to fumble around trying to apply glue onto the lash strip, it might be easier to apply the glue on your lash line, like you would with eye liner. Let the glue dry until it's tacky and then set the lashes on top.

    13. Or use a bobby pin to apply the eyelash glue.

    Priceza / Via

    To avoid putting on too much lash glue squeeze some glue onto the back of your hand or onto a table and use a bobby pin to spread it evenly along the base of the strip.

    14. Use knot-free individual lashes if you want a more natural, layered look.

    False Eyelashes / Via

    If you are after a more natural look, or want to wear lashes without eyeliner, then you should go for knot-free lashes. Knotted lash clusters have a knot joining the lashes, but the knot-free don't have this. Which means it blends in with the lashes better.

    Try the Ardell Duralash.

    15. Use the skin on your eye lids to hide the lash band.

    Its My Raye Raye / Via

    So this sounds a lot scarier than it is, but all you need to do is gently pull down the skin on your lids over the lash band. The skin will stick to the exposed glue on the lashes.

    Check out how ItsMyRayeRaye does it.

    16. Invest in a eyelash applicator.

    Eylure Lash Applicator / Via

    If you've tried every trick possible and still not getting it, then get yourself a lash applicator, it makes life so much easier. It allows you to get really close to your lash line and firmly grips lashes without damaging them.