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21 Signs You Grew Up In Essex

Oi oi saveloy!

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1. You've perfected your fake laugh, ready for when someone asks: "Is it true what they say about Essex girls?"

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2. Sometimes you tell people you're from London, just to save the agg.

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3. And if you grew up Romford or Dagenham, you didn’t know whether to say you were from London or Essex.

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4. Conversations with people who live "up town", aka London, went a little something like this.

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5. You innately knew the difference between going out and going out out.

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6. You still can't get over the transformation of Bas Vegas. The best nights of your life were spent in Liquid and Envy.

jonnybizzle23 / Via Instagram: @jonnybizzle23

7. Hardly anyone wore white heels, but everyone and their nans had a pair of crystal Converse.

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8. If you didn't have a pair of crystal Converse you definitely had a baby-pink Von Dutch hat from Romford market.

@Firefighterj90 / Via Twitter

9. You still call Adventure Island "Peter Pans Playground".

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10. And you remember when Romford's Missoula was Lakota.

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11. You've experienced the legendary foam parties at Romford Ice Rink.

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12. You've spent 50p on a Jane Norman bag at Dagenham market so you could use it for your PE kit.

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13. Your prom was probably at Orsett Hall, and you arrived in a white hummer limo.

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14. Your weekends were spent walking around Lakeside.

@alexandrabatkin / Via Instagram: @alexandrabatkin

15. At one point or another you went to the C&C office to get a summer job.

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16. It took a lot of practice for you to include the letter T in your vocabulary.

17. You've tried and failed to hold your breath down the Dartford tunnel.

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18. "Oi oi saveloy" is often shouted out of a moving vehicle.

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19. Olly Murs, Stacey Solomon, or Mark Wright lived down the road from your nan or your mate's nan.

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20. You still start arguments with, "I'm not being funny, right."

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21. Because no matter what, you will always be Essex at heart.

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