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18 Things Everyone Who Dates A Makeup Addict Knows

The winged liner struggle.

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1. This is what you get when you ask for nudes. And you are OK with it.

Instagram: @idah_alisha / Via

2. You are so used to seeing this face, it doesn't even scare you anymore.

Instagram: @starstrikercosplay / Via

3. You've finally learnt that wearing a white shirt is not a great idea.

wearing a white shirt and hugging a girl with a face full of makeup is literally my worse nightmare.

4. You know what contouring is, and you understand how life changing it can be.

Instagram: @make_em_up / Via

You the real MVP!

5. You know that Naked means something completely different in their world.

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6. Giving a makeup compliment is one of the nicest things you can do, and it will always be appreciated.

when bae compliments your makeup 😛😏

7. Makeup gifts are ALWAYS a good idea.

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8. Rushing the makeup process is a bad idea. You've learnt from your mistakes.

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9. You know the winged liner struggle is real.

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10. But it frustrates the shit out of you.

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11. Kissing is out of the question...because lipstick costs about 27 quid.

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12. You know punctuality and good eyebrows don't go hand in hand.

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13. You've accepted the eyebrow lady as the third member of your relationship.

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14. You know there's nothing more romantic than a stroll through MAC.

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15. You know they're not cold-hearted, it's just that crying with fresh makeup is a no-no.

Keeping Up With The Kardashian / Via E!

16. Lashes and spiders look very very similar.

17. You know the difference between Ruby Woo, Russian Red, and Dangerous.

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18. And you know better than to tell them they don't need makeup.

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Cool story, bro.