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    18 Things Everyone Who Dates A Makeup Addict Knows

    The winged liner struggle.

    1. This is what you get when you ask for nudes. And you are OK with it.

    2. You are so used to seeing this face, it doesn't even scare you anymore.

    3. You've finally learnt that wearing a white shirt is not a great idea.

    wearing a white shirt and hugging a girl with a face full of makeup is literally my worse nightmare.

    4. You know what contouring is, and you understand how life changing it can be.

    5. You know that Naked means something completely different in their world.

    6. Giving a makeup compliment is one of the nicest things you can do, and it will always be appreciated.

    when bae compliments your makeup πŸ˜›πŸ˜

    7. Makeup gifts are ALWAYS a good idea.

    8. Rushing the makeup process is a bad idea. You've learnt from your mistakes.

    9. You know the winged liner struggle is real.

    10. But it frustrates the shit out of you.

    11. Kissing is out of the question...because lipstick costs about 27 quid.

    12. You know punctuality and good eyebrows don't go hand in hand.

    13. You've accepted the eyebrow lady as the third member of your relationship.

    14. You know there's nothing more romantic than a stroll through MAC.

    15. You know they're not cold-hearted, it's just that crying with fresh makeup is a no-no.

    Keeping Up With The Kardashian / Via E!

    16. Lashes and spiders look very very similar.

    17. You know the difference between Ruby Woo, Russian Red, and Dangerous.

    18. And you know better than to tell them they don't need makeup.

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