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17 Things Only People With Expensive Taste But No Money Will Understand

Designer inspired.

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1. Every payday is an opportunity to treat yo' self, because it's what you deserve.


2. You make a make a list of all the beautiful things that you "absolutely, definitely need" but your bank account never rises to the occasion.


When will your bank account match your taste.

3. You don't mind splashing out on an expensive meal, because you've been broke before and you survived it.


4. You refuse to look at your bank account, because you've made so many bad decisions.


And you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

5. You've spent hours fantasising what life would be like if you could go shopping without worrying about the price tag.

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6. Online shopping for you is just putting things in your saved items, because you can't afford anything.

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7. You get very creative when making plans to support your lifestyle.

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You could put that creativity towards building up a savings account, but why?

8. You just don't understand how people can say things like, "The cheap version tastes JUST like the expensive kind!"


What does that even mean?

9. You also get very cross at people who have the nerve to say, "all wine tastes the same."

Bobbi DeCarlo

Like seriously?

10. You live by the quote "Life is all about quality, not quantity." But that's only because you can't afford quantity.


11. You've mastered how to shop for designer "like" items.

Desus & Mero

It's not a fake, it's just inspired by.

12. You have made friends with people who work in your favourite shops, for that sweet sweet discount.

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13. People always assume you are rich. Your clothes and choice of restaurants gives an impression of wealth, but you are BROKE!

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14. You don't understand how rich can people have bad taste.


Money is wasted on people with bad taste.

15. You don't mind skipping meals so you can use the money for an extravagant outing.


16. You look forward to people asking you where your clothes are from, because people should appreciate your great taste.


17. You've actually worked out how to live your champagne lifestyle on your lemonade budget.

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And you would like people to stop judging you for it.