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17 Things You Know To Be True If You Are A Girl With A Male Best Friend

It gets a little weird when they get a significant other.

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1. You are both very happy and comfortable in the friend zone.

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No, you are not in a relationship; no, you will never be in a relationship. No you have never even thought about being in a relationship, (apart from that low point when you thought you were going to die alone). You are both very aware you are in the friend zone and you like it there.

2. Compliments come few and far between.

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Unlike your female friends who are always ready to tell you how beautiful you look, male besties just don't give a shit. And if you were to get a compliment, it's normally a little weird.


5. It gets a little weird when they get a significant other.

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He will have to spend hours explaining that you are JUST friends, and you will have to go to crazy lengths to prove that you're not a sexual threat.

You will also have to spend time with them together, which is fine, hoping she is not jealous and undeserving of your bestie.

6. You get a good insight on the male psyche, which can be a little scary.

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He is a guy, so he knows what he is talking about when it comes to other guys.

For example, he can tell you when a guy is using you for sex. Your female friend can always try to tell you a guy's motive but she can never really be sure. But your male BFF knows. He can tell you if you are just a booty call and will stop you from getting your heart involved.

7. You really don't have to mince your words.

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Like, you really don't. You can speak your mind and know that he will never get too offended. You can say exactly what you mean, no matter how bad it sounds.

8. You become thicker-skinned.

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Because he will keep it real with you all the time, even when you don't want to hear it. He is a wealth of refreshing/not-so-refreshing honesty. He will let you know if you're being crazy. And while your girl BFF will put heart eyes under your Instagram pic, your guy friend won't be so considerate.


12. He can be the best wingman and the biggest cockblock.

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It's an accidental cockblock, and it is bloody frustrating. But because people assume you are a couple, you never get chatted up. It might be worth wearing a cardboard sign saying, "This guy is just my friend, come over and talk to me. I'm cute and funny."


13. He brings you down to earth when you're daydreaming.

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While your girl bestie might help you pick out the names of your children after just one date, you male bestie won't encourage any of that shit. The Will to your Grace will quickly remind you that you can’t fall in love and plan your future after one date.

14. Sometimes you forget he is a guy and you make him do things he hates.

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Just because he is your best friend doesn't mean he wants to hear about the lining of the uterus breaking down and shedding. He probably doesn't want to accompany you to the hairdresser's or go bra shopping either.

16. You don't have to worry about not getting a text back.

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Because you don't fancy him, so it doesn't matter if he takes two hours to reply back. Plus you can continuously text him until he replies and it's not crazy.